Visnyk of the Lviv University. Series Art Studies


2008. 8





Tetyana ZINOVYE. Authentic Ukrainian Vertep Theater of a XX Century. S. 312

Hanna Veselovska. Roaming Period of Activity of Maria Zankovetska Theatre Chronology of Artistic Survival. S. 1326

Petro Kravchuk. Volodymyr Vynnychenkos Dramaturgy in the Scenic Interpretations of Gnat Yura. S. 27-38

Ian Mihalik. Not to Trust the Precursors. Between the Truth and the Legend. S. 39-47





Anastasia Baytsar. Bulgarian Chant Handwritten and Typed Heirmologies of Ukraine of the end of 16th the beginning of 19th Centuries: Dynamics of Filling. S. 4854

Oksana Ditchuk. Piano Culture of Vienna and Connections of Ukrainian Piano Musician With It. S. 5569





Nazar KOZAK. The Cycle of the Ecumenical Councils at Saint Onouphrios Church in Lavriv (Part 2): Model, Distinct Features, Meaning. S. 7086

Mariya Gelytovych. Icons of Second half of 14th Century from the Church of Archangel Myhail in Village Isai. S. 8791

Lyubov BOURKOVSKA. Aristocratic Aspect of Honoring of Saint Nicholas Mirlikiyskyi and His Reflection in the Medieval Culture. S. 9298

Dariya Fesenko. Bogorodychny Motive in Fresco of Lviv Cathedral of Uspinnya of All-holly Bogorodytsa. S. 99109

Oksana Zeplynska. Kornylo Ustyyanovych. Portrait of Teofil Okunevsky. S. 110112

Halyna Kohut. Carpet of 1782 in the Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art in Kyiv. S. 113126





Maria Zubrytska. Language of the Eyes and the Voice of the Soul: Non-Verbal Communication in the Works of Lesia Ukrainka and Its Perception. S. 127132

Ludmyla Kachmar. Role of Education and Theatre in the Life of Ukrainian Prisoners of War in the War Camps of Austria-Hungary and Germany (1915-1918). S. 133138

Galyna Novozhenec. A Manifestation of the Ukrainian Mentality in Art of Ukrainian Diaspora: Conceptions of the World and Standpoints. S. 139144

Natallia Ahafonova. The Principles of Media as an Aesthetical Ground for TV-documentaries. S. 145150





Oksana Sadova. Composite Reconstruction of Sacral Construction by the Example of Monastic Church of Most-holly Hurt of Jesus in Zovkva. S. 151161

Lubov Kyanovska. Letters of Vasyl Barvinskyi from Prague to Relatives in Lviv. S. 162224





Nazar Kozak. Ukrainian Icon of 11th-18th centuries: Album/Author-Stacker: L. Milaeva in Cooperation with M. Gelytovych. K., 2007. [State Collections of Ukraine, 2]. S. 225226.

Valeriy Redko. Philosophy of Education: Values of Intercultural Communication. S. 227228

Bohdan KOZAK. Liders of a Great Theatrical Reform and Ukrainian Theatre. S. 229231



Visnyk of the Lviv University. Series Art Studies